Protest against “Starbucks”: Actor Cromwell sticks to the counter

Protest against “Starbucks”
Actor Cromwell sticks to the counter

James Cromwell is a deserving Hollywood star who also has an Oscar nomination in his pocket. But the actor is also a committed vegan. As part of a protest action against “Starbucks”, he now resorts to a brute force.

Actor James Cromwell has been a self-confessed vegan since the 1990s. As part of an action by the animal rights organization Peta, he has now caused a lot of excitement.

The 82-year-old stuck himself to a counter in a New York “Starbucks” branch together with other activists. With this he and his fellow campaigners wanted to protest against the price increase of milk substitute products. “Dairy-free products all over the world … in France these things are available at no extra cost. Nothing extra is required for this. There is an exorbitant fee here,” the 82-year-old complained to the US portal “Deadline” during the campaign .

“Why do you continue to offer dairy products when it’s so important now to raise awareness of climate change and understand violence against animals? There’s no reason behind it other than greed,” the actor continued. Cromwell’s protest was short-lived, however. The police are said to have broken up the action after just 30 minutes. Exactly how Cromwell was detached from the counter is not known. However, remains of the glue could be seen on his hands, writes “Deadline”.

Oscar nomination for “A Pig Called Babe”

James Cromwell has been a vegetarian since 1974. In 1995 he played the farmer Arthur Hoggett in “A Pig Called Babe” and was nominated for an Academy Award for Best Supporting Actor. During the filming, he then became a vegan.

Cromwell is known from numerous film and television productions. He was also seen in successful films such as “The Green Mile” (1999), “I, Robot” (2004) and “Spider-Man 3” (2007). In series like “Spaceship Enterprise – The Next Century” (1990 – 1993), “Listen Who’s Hammering” (1994), “American Horror Story” (2012 – 2013) or “Murder in the First” (2014 – 2015 ) he also held roles.