Protest: James Cromwell sticks himself to Starbucks counter

New York (AP) – The Hollywood actor James Cromwell (82) stuck himself to the counter of a branch in protest against the prices for vegan milk at Starbucks.

During the action, Cromwell and other activists protested in New York on Tuesday against Starbucks charging a surcharge for vegan milk alternatives, according to the animal welfare organization Peta. In a video released by Peta, the actor can be seen sitting on the coffee shop counter with another man. Both have one hand taped to the counter.

The approximately half-hour video shows police officers entering the café. Cromwell and the other activist eventually separate their hands from the counter themselves and exit the store. A PETA spokeswoman said in the video that they would have avoided being arrested. It was initially unclear whether a complaint would be filed against Cromwell.

Cromwell has appeared in dozens of films including LA Confidential, The Green Mile, The Queen and The Artist. He was also nominated for a Supporting Actor Oscar for his role as the warm-hearted farmer in ‘A Pig Called Babe’ (1995). The actor is also known as a dedicated animal welfare activist, who repeatedly risks arrests and penalties during protests.