Punishment for the fight of the reality stars celebrity: Cathy Hummels steals TV clairvoyant airtime

Couldn’t Malkiel Rouven Dietrich have foreseen the consequences of a game on the show “Battle of the Reality Stars”? After all, the celebrity newcomer is known as a clairvoyant on “Astro TV”. But he didn’t expect that moderator Cathy Hummels would steal his broadcasting time from him.

Warning, spoilers: This article refers to the latest episode of “Battle of the Reality Stars”, which can currently be seen on RTL +. This episode will not be broadcast on TV until Wednesday (May 18).

Nasty punishment for Malkiel Rouven Dietrich: “From now on you will be replaced for a week”

In the reality show, the celebrities on “The Wall of Truth” regularly have to assess themselves. This time: With which of their fellow campaigners would the celebrities not want to show themselves in public? Malkiel Rouven Dietrich, who has just moved into the VIPs’ beach hut with Yeliz Koc, takes first place. This results in a severe punishment for the TV clairvoyant.

Elena Miras announces RTLZWEI’s decision: “From now on you will be replaced for a week!” However, Malkiel does not have to leave the sala, his face is only covered and replaced by another head. “And your moderator: Cathy Hummels,” explains Elena to the laughter of the celebrity candidates.

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‘Battle of the Reality Stars’ celebrity gets face by Cathy Hummels

In fact, from this point on, the TV clairvoyant can only be seen as the Munich influencer. But he doesn’t find it as amusing as his colleagues. “She [Cathy Hummels, d.R.] must be more annoyed to have her face with my body. Still, I think it sucks,” he says of the punishment.

However, the “Battle of the Reality Stars” celebrities see no disadvantage. “One thing is certain, Cathy Hummel’s head is prettier than his. In that respect, he should be grateful,” blasphemes Prince Heinz von Sayn-Wittgenstein. But the “Astro TV” star is angry about it and even wants to leave the show for a short time. However, his fellow campaigners can change his mind.

Can Cathy Hummels laugh at the punishment?

But what does Cathy Hummels say that her head is digitally placed on another body? “Finally, I got some curves [endlich habe ich ein paar Kurven]”She says self-ironic in the “Hour of Truth”. The moderator is repeatedly attacked for her thin figure and is therefore happy about the new look. Malkiel Rouven Dietrich can also laugh about his punishment at the end.

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