Pusha-T loves Paris (and especially when it’s fashion week)

How would you describe your style?
I would say a luxury, workwear and technical mix. And classy.

What were you wearing today? I mean, before you changed?
Well seen, I changed, I would not go out dressed like that! (laughs)
I was at the Sacai show, I was wearing a technical outfit, with a neoprene top. And of course, the matching pants and shirt, with wedge boots. Parade Sacai was amazing, it was the feeling of the day.

It’s true that it was not bad at all, yes.
Look, I thought that was crazy. The thing that I love about Sacai is this ability of Chitose Abe to make pieces that are both very artistic, but also very wearable. We really want to put them on leaving the show, she is very strong for that.

I am okay. Sacai is quite niche, but we recognize the Chitose Abe touch, and the pieces are quite wearable in everyday life. It’s one of the only brands that can do that.
You’re completely right. I’ve done a lot of fashion shows in my life, but this one blew me away. Surely one of the best of Fashion Week this year.

© Goldie Williams

What did you see as a parade this week by the way? Are there any that have marked you?
Yes of course ! My favorites were Sacai, Bode and Givenchy. Either those where I already imagined myself wearing the clothes that I saw scrolling, or those of the brands to which I am loyal, that I have been wearing for a long time.

And have you spotted any trends this week?
I can’t give you specific trends, but let’s say that my favorite shows all had a workwear inspiration, which delighted me since I’m a fervent supporter of this style. It’s not really a trend, but I have the impression that all the big houses are getting into it, yes.

Source- https://www.gqmagazine.fr/pop-culture/article/pusha-t-aime-adore-paris-surtout-quand-cest-la-fashion-week