‘Put all the money into her’: Victoria Beckham under heavy criticism

In 2002 the record label Telstar Records went bankrupt. The two sisters Monica Taylor and Gabriela Irimia, who were signed to the company as “The Cheeky Girls”, still believe that the downfall of the music company was due to Victoria Beckham and her flopped solo career. Opposite the British newspaper The Sun The two 39-year-olds said: “They put our money – all of everyone’s money – in Victoria Beckham and she flopped.”

After the record company left, the sisters not only lost their record deal, but according to their own statements were also sitting on a mountain of debt. The two Romanians had to pay a hotel bill of £65,000 (about €77,355) in addition to the fees for a rented apartment and song recording sessions. “She’s a lovely person and all, and she’s really been trying to pursue her solo career. But we suffered the consequences.” Now, two decades later, the twins are looking to try their luck in the music business again. They recently released their new song “Let’s Have Fun”.

Victoria Beckham gave up her music career after a few failed solo songs and devoted herself to the fashion industry and her marriage David Beckham. She is now an internationally established fashion designer and has been married to the soccer star for over 20 years. The two have four children together.