Put the string in the water Lily Adriane and her big cheeks float, they say I want to eat all that

The renowned New Zealand model, Lily Adrianne, turned on the eyes of thousands of people on social networks with a spicy postcard that she posted to pamper her faithful admirers, in which she did not mind dipping the thread into the water, leaving float their cheeks without an ounce of shame.

Despite the summer season ending several months ago, the pretty 25-year-old influencer takes every chance she gets to model flirtatiously swimsuits And this time was no exception, as he was encouraged to flaunt his perfect tan with very little clothing.

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Regardless of what they say, the successful internet celebrity wanted to surprise her millions of fans with a daring beach look that did not cover too much, which consisted of a tiny purple swimsuit that exposed her shapely silhouette.

It was through her personal account on the Instagram social network where Lily Adrianne shared a revealing photograph that was very well received by users, with which she dared to show more than the account from the pool by posing with his back to the camera lens, leaving all his splendor in the air.

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Showing her best angle in front of her fans, the famous young woman born in New Zealand did not hesitate to put the string in the water to leave their cheeks floating, which caused more than one of their fans to say I want to eat all that, who left their little red hearts in the publication along with hundreds of compliments and compliments.

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