“Putin has nothing to do with us, he’s a right-wing guy”: the cold anger of Fabien Roussel

Guest of the program dna on Ina Politique, Fabien Roussel lent himself to questions from Patrick Cohen. Throughout the archives, the communist candidate was not soft on the Russian president: “Putin has nothing to do with us, he’s a right-wing guy”…

Fabien Roussel has no empathy for the Russian president. Sunday March 20, the candidate of the Communist Party was the guest of the dna, Show of INA Policy, piloted by Patrick Cohen. Asked about Vladimir Putin and the continuity of Sovietism he embodies, the 52-year-old deputy did not spare his words:Are you kidding or what? He’s a liberal, right-wing guy. It has nothing to do with us, it’s still inflated. He broke precisely, an economy which was certainly, directed, but he privatized everything”, the former journalist protested.Rather go ask those who take their picture on leaflets, with him“, athe asserted in reference to this photo of Marine Le Pen printed in 1.2 million copies.

“Why don’t you say he’s a right-wing liberal leader, who sold out everything that was state?” he continued. Furious at the idea that we can bring French communism closer to Stalin’s idealism, Fabien Roussel immediately knocked out the Russian leader: “He behaves like a dictator. Finally, don’t go… him? He is closer to the far right than to the values ​​of the French Communist Party. He’s a right-wing guy who flirts with the extreme right. He has a nostalgia for the tsars. It was he who created oligarchs, who today buy villas and yachts on the Côte d’Azur”.

Fabien Roussel: this man he admires

Particularly close toOlivier Marchaisthe Communist Party candidate has always admired the father, George: “leader of the CP for more than 20 years, you wrote that you admired him both as a politician and also because his son was also a friend of yours”, relates Patrick Cohen. He is for me, a great politician for which the French still have a lot of affection, loud-mouthed but close to people, he spoke like them. That’s what I like about him.”

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