Putin Says JK Rowling Is a Victim of Cancellation Like Russia – New Woman

The Russian President, Vladimir Putincompared the West’s “cancellation” of Russia to how they canceled JK Rowlingauthor of the Harry Potter books, during a speech she gave on television.

The comparison is due to the fact that the author of Harry Potter has been harshly criticized for being transphobic. However, Rowling’s “cancellation” has affected her finances a lot, just the image that many people have of her, while Russia has been much more affected by the sanctions and the devaluation of its currency.

In accordance with The Hollywood Reporter, Putin assured that Rowling was canceled for “not meeting the demands of gender rights”, and compared the burning of his books to the burning of books by the Nazis. He also celebrated that in Russia there has always been tolerance towards different ethnic groups, unlike in the West:

Now they are trying to cancel our country. I speak of the progressive discrimination of everything that has to do with Russia. We remember the images when they burned books, it is impossible to imagine something like this in our country and we are insured against this thanks to our culture. And it is inseparable for us from our motherland, from Russia, where there is no place for ethnic intolerance, where representatives of dozens of ethnic groups have lived together for centuries,” said the president.

Rowling responded to Putin’s words

Although the ruler was in his “defense”, JK Rowling He did not take well the comparison of Putin with his situation, which in addition to being widely rejected by the LGBTQA + community, has also been criticized by several actors in the films of his sagas.

“Criticisms of Western cancel culture should possibly not be made by those who are currently killing civilians for the crime of resistance, or imprisoning and poisoning their critics,” the author wrote on her Twitter account.