Qatar 2022: Alaska, the Uruguayan youtuber who comforts Peru after being left without a World Cup | RMMN entertainment | PEOPLE

The renowned Uruguayan youtuber Alaska sent a message of support to the Peruvians, after our country lost its last chance to qualify for the Qatar World Cup 2022 being defeated by Australia in the playoffs.

I love you always, Peru, encouragement to all”the influencer wrote when sharing a photograph showing an impressive landscape of our country.

The response from Peruvian fans was not long in coming and many thanked him for his message of consolation in the midst of disappointment after being left out of the World Cup.

Thank you for always supporting us, not like other countries that are looking for anything to throw hate”; “You are always so beautiful, we will be there supporting you in the World Cup”, “Thank you, dear Alaska, we are very fond of you here in our country”, “Thank you Alaska. Peru loves you”, were some of the responses from users.

Who is Alaska?

Gimena Sauchencoknown on social media as Alaskais a famous 20-year-old Uruguayan influencer who has accumulated half a million subscribers on YouTube, one million followers on TikTok and more than 360,000 on Instagram.

Alaska Not only has he dedicated himself to creating digital content traveling the world, but he has also published an autobiographical book entitled “Alaska, dreams come true if you dare to be you.”

He gained popularity in our country when he danced ‘La anaconda’ with the Peruvian fans in Montevideo, Uruguay. She also infiltrated the banner that took place outside the hotel where the Peruvian team is staying, prior to the match against the Uruguay team. There she gave her book to the ‘Israeli fan’.


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