Quarrel with the Wollnys? This picture speaks volumes

Calantha Wollny, 21, has repeatedly caused excitement and speculation in recent weeks. Is she actually at odds with her family? Now she seems to be making it clear once and for all how she really feels about her family.

  • For months, fans have suspected that Calantha Wollny has fallen out with her family
  • The 21-year-old hardly seems to be involved in family plans anymore
  • With a photo, Calantha now makes it clear what’s going on

Calantha Wollny: Rumors of a rift do not stop

The fact that Calantha Wollny, in contrast to her family, rarely speaks online is nothing new, but in recent weeks there has been increasing speculation as to whether she no contact with her family Has. The online silence doesn’t seem to have done much to dispel the rumours.

For months, fans have been wondering what Calantha’s relationship with the rest of the Wollnys is like. So should the 21-year-old from Mama Silvia’s house moved out be, her own daughter Cataleya should still live with Silvia.

But not only that, Calantha also seems to be involved in the planned emigration to Turkey not part of the party to be, even though three-year-old Cataleya is supposed to be moving with them. No wonder, then, that the rumors about a possible discord just don’t want to tear it down. In the course of this, Calantha had to endure violent comments online in the past few weeks. She seems to have had enough of that – and finally speaks up.

Calantha Wollny: “Family”

In her Instagram story, Calantha now showed a photo that shows her and her sisters Lavinia and Sarah-Jane as little girls. She simply writes:


Adorned with a red heart the first doubts of a dispute should now have been removed. Lavinia, who has already shared the story, also seems to think so.

So does this mean that everything is fine between Calantha and her family and is there another reason why she is not involved in family plans like the recent christening of Sarafina’s twins?

It would be desirable for both Calantha and little Cataleya, who would certainly like to grow up with her large family – with her mom at her side.

Source used: Instagram