Queen Camilla and Prince Louis very close: their complicity will make you melt

At four years old, he is the new darling of the British royal family ! the prince louisthe youngest of the three children of prince william and of Kate Middleton, moved the British at the end of the traditional Christmas mass in Sandringham. The young boy notably rushed to his big sister to give her flowers which had just been handed to him. But the little brother of prince george and some princess charlotte also appeared very close to his step-grandmother, the queen consort Camilla.

The second wife of King Charles III and the third child of Prince William have indeed left the church together. The videos filmed by the fans present on the spot show the grandmother and her grandson exchanging glances and little words. Prince Louis appears all smiles, listening to what the Queen Consort is telling him.

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Why was Prince Louis in shorts?

During this traditional collective outing of the British family, always very scrutinized, Prince Louis also attracted attention for a third reason. Despite the cold English winter, the four-year-old boy was in shorts. This surprising outfit is in fact a marker of social class: in the United Kingdom, thehe upper classes used to distinguish their children from the poorer ones by making them wear shorts in all circumstances, until the age of eight.

What the British William Hanson, a protocol expert, confirms to the Harper’s Bazaar American. “Trousers are for older boys and men, while shorts on younger boys are one of the discreet class markers we have in England”, he explains. Fortunately, Prince Louis’ outfit was completed with a pair of high socks and a long coat.

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