Queen Elizabeth, all smiles at her appearance

Only a few days after the Queen Isabel had to cancel her appearance at the opening of Parliament, due to a medical recommendation for mobility issues, the monarch has reappeared at a public event for the first time in months, giving enormous certainty of her good health. In recent months, Elizabeth II had limited herself to receiving some people like Justin Trudeau in Windsor and participating in remote events through video calls, so on the eve of her Platinum Jubilee celebrations there was concern about whether it would be possible for him to be in some of the festivities. But, giving a very pleasant surprise, the monarch has reappeared in a public event and she has done it in which she, without a doubt, is the one who enjoys it the most. If yesterday she had missed the first day of the Royal Windsor Show, in which she was represented by Princess Beatrice, this Friday she has been seen arriving with the most enthusiasm, not only to see her beloved horses, but also her granddaughter, Lady Louise Windsor who paraded in a carriage, in the purest manner of the Duke of Edinburgh.



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At first, the Queen stayed in her Range Rover to watch the parade of horses, while chatting with some friends. The frank and full of life laughter of Elizabeth II did not go unnoticed by anyone, because although she is usually very formal in her public appearances, it is well known that when it comes to equestrian events, the Queen is a very enthusiastic spectator. But if that appearance was more than enough, an hour later, she left her car and, leaning on her husband’s cane, walked with Prince Edward to the box reserved for her, where she was delighted with her youngest son and Penny Knatchbull, Countess Mountbatten of Burma. Once the event was over, in which she awarded the winner, without any help from her, the Queen returned to her truck, waving excitedly at the people who said goodbye to her with cheers.

As she usually does at this event, the 96-year-old Queen put aside her colorful outfits and hats to show her more homey version. The dark glasses, the well-placed lipstick and her inseparable scarf on her head when she left her truck, showed the monarch enjoying this event to the fullest in which her horse was one of the competitors in the race in which she was present. although 14 of their teams will appear throughout the event.


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Two months without a public appearance

The last time she had been seen at a public event was last March when she attended the solemn memorial service for her husband, the Duke of Edinburgh, at Westminster Abbey. Since then, she had been holed up at Windsor Castle, where some events have taken place both in person and digitally.

The absence of the monarch on the first day of the equestrian show was important, because in 79 years, she has never missed this appointment, but to the delight of those present, this Friday she was able to make this appearance that, according to the images, she enjoyed enormously. It is hoped that she will be able to do her own thing at the events she is scheduled to attend next month for her Platinum Jubilee celebration.