Queen Elizabeth II had a plan for Andrew’s royal return

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From: Annemarie Goebbel


The comparison apparently gives Prince Andrew the breathing space he needed to mobilize. He continues to insist on his innocence and wants his titles and honors back. Queen Elizabeth II’s strategy for Andrew’s rehabilitation has now been revealed and looked very different.

London – Prince Andrew (62) is still hoping, with all his might and a handful of lawyers, to one day be a respected man alongside King Charles III. (74) and regain his military honors, patronage and titles. He never admitted his guilt in the abuse scandal with the then underage Virgina Giuffre (39). He also maintained his innocence after the settlement, which ordered him to pay a large sum to have Giuffre dismiss the lawsuit. No admission of guilt, as his lawyers emphasized.

With Queen Elizabeth, the protective hand over Prince Andrew also disappeared

It is possible that he fell for the convicted sex offender Jeffrey Epstein (66, † 2019) because he felt like second fiddle to the heir to the throne Charles and in large parts by his mother, the late Queen Elizabeth II. (96, † 2022) was dependent. He made Andrew feel important thanks to “the deals, the girls, the plane, the glitzy New York world in which he enjoyed his deceptive reputation,” as revealed by Tina Brown in The Palace Papers. But Epstein also secretly despised the Duke of York, saying he was his puppet and calling him “an idiot” behind his back.

Queen Elizabeth II had a plan for Andrew’s royal return
Queen Elizabeth II had apparently developed a strategy for how Prince Andrew could have re-established himself as a respected royal (photomontage). © Alastair Grant/dpa & John Rainford/Imago

The disgraced Duke of York was forced to step down from royal duties in 2019 after speaking about his connection to convicted pedophile Jeffrey Epstein in a disastrous Newsnight interview. Last year he was stripped of his military affiliations and patronage by his mother, the Queen, amid the abuse scandal.

The case of John Profumos apparently served as an example for the Queen

It is reported that the Queen’s idea was inspired by the similar case of disgraced Minister John Profumo (91 † 2006). He devoted himself to charity work after being involved in the Profumo scandal after an affair with Christine Keeler (75, †2017). After retiring from politics, Profumo worked for the non-profit Toynbee Hall. He was made Commander of the British Empire in 1975 for his services to helping poor communities in London’s East End. Profumo’s wife, Valerie Hobson, did not leave her husband until her death in 1998 and worked together with him on the charitable projects.

Charity work might have been a way back to an improved image

Andrew’s friends now have loud Mirror claims that his mother, the late monarch, believed Andrew could redeem his image if he devoted himself to charity work. A source told that Independent: “Andrew’s mother suggested that he pursue a charitable cause.” The insider continued, “Other members of the family agreed and saw it as the only path to rehabilitation.”

Things just don’t get quiet about the king’s brother. Prince Andrew has the potential not only to overshadow the coronation in May, but as Windsor to endanger the whole monarchy. Recent reports have suggested that Andrew has consulted a legal team in hopes of forcing a withdrawal or apology, which could result in a return to royal services. Maybe he should consider his mother’s suggestion better. Sources used: mirror.co.uk, independent.co.uk, The Palace Papers, Tina Brown