Queen Elizabeth II returns to Windsor Castle

After a multi-day visit to Scotland, the Queen took a little break. Now Queen Elizabeth II is back to her duties in Windsor.

After probably exhausting days in Scotland, Queen Elizabeth II had recovered over a long weekend in Sandringham. As the “Daily Mail” reports, the 96-year-old had spent a few days in Wood Farm, a cottage on the royal estate.

The place should be very important to her. Her longtime husband, Prince Philip, also spent much of his retirement there before he passed away in April last year. But now the British monarch has returned to Windsor, as the British daily newspaper continues.

Several public appointments in Scotland

Before her break in Sandringham, the Queen had attended several public appointments during a visit to Scotland, which due to her old age could have been quite exhausting for the monarch. In the past few months, she had repeatedly had to cancel other engagements due to mobility problems. Along with her son Prince Charles, she was recently in a good mood at a parade in the garden of Holyrood Palace in Edinburgh.

A few days ago, Buckingham Palace announced that there was a “small update” to the Queen’s calendar. The Queen’s upcoming appointments were reviewed and the 96-year-old monarch’s duties were reduced as a result. More strenuous and demanding tasks are to be transferred to Prince Charles in the future.