Queen Elizabeth watched Charles replace her on TV

Queen Elizabeth had to cancel a speech in Parliament. She watched on TV as her son, Prince Charles, represented her.

the essentials in brief

  • Queen Elizabeth followed Prince Charles’ speech to Parliament on TV.
  • The heir to the throne had to step in for health reasons.
  • The weekly phone calls with Premier Johnson are still taking place.

It was a “historic moment”, as one expert called it: Prince Charles (73) gave the speech at the opening of the British Parliament. For the first time in almost 60 years, his mother, Queen Elizabeth (96), did not.

Her doctors advised her not to give the speech. Also with regard to her anniversary in a few months, where she will have several appearances.

During the speech, the heir to the throne sat where his father Prince Philip († 99) usually sat. A seat has been left vacant next to where Queen Elizabeth normally sat. Charles was accompanied by his wife Camilla (74) and his son Prince William (39). One day he will sit on the throne himself.

Despite the Queen’s absence, the palace insists that everything is “business as usual”. The monarch followed her son’s speech on TV, as insiders told the “DailyMail”.

But the concerns about Queen Elizabeth’s health do not diminish: recently she had to cancel several appointments, she only keeps a few. Her mobility also appears to be limited: one of her properties is being converted to be wheelchair-accessible, and she also has a golf cart to get around.

But despite her physical ailments and her absence from the opening of Parliament, Elizabeth is always politically up to date. The weekly telephone audiences with Prime Minister Boris Johnson continue to take place as usual.

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During the speech in Parliament, not everything was as usual: Prince Charles spoke consistently of “Her Majesty’s Government”. The Queen herself used the term “my government”.

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