Queen Elizabeth weak: Is Prince Charles ready for his new role?

“When the queen dies, that will be a very big turning point,” says the professor and constitutional expert Robert Hazell from University College London. Charles has been preparing for his future role for decades, he is the longest-serving “heir apparent” in British history – it should therefore already be clear to him how he will create his role as king.

lack of popularity

With the focus on environmental and climate issues that has been on his mind for decades Charles had the right nose. That boosted his reputation.

However, the British are still divided as to what to think of the heir to the throne. According to data from the polling institute Yougov Charles 6th in the Royals’ popularity list, far behind his mother at number one, but also well behind his eldest son prince William and his wife Duchess Kate. In the survey from the previous year, just under a third (31 percent) were of the opinion that Charles will be a good king – slightly more people (35 percent) assumed the opposite.

That Charles the lack of veneration accorded to his mother is due to many reasons. The most important: Diana. Charles‘ Ex-wife and the mother of his two sons is still revered as the ‘Queen of Hearts’. That the Queen’s son she with his flame and now-wife Camilla cheated, some have not forgiven him to this day.

So there are plenty of construction sites for the future king – including family ones. Difficult to say when and if there will be a reconciliation with Harry comes. As a good sign of Charles is his greeting for his birthday in September: At that time, his official account also tweeted two photos of father and son laughing together.