Queen is in a good mood – but with a walking stick

For half a year, the Queen has repeatedly had to cancel appointments for health reasons. Now she has presented herself in good shape – and an upcoming premiere should also make her smile.

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Britain’s Queen Elizabeth II appeared in a good mood during several appointments at Windsor Castle this week. Did the Queen have a special premiere in mind? After all, this year she is not only celebrating her platinum anniversary and thus her 70 years on the throne of the British royal family, but also her first “Vogue” cover, as has now come out.

Yes, exactly: you heard that right. For the first time in the history of the fashion bible, the Queen will appear on the front page. But not with her 95-year-old face: the picture shows the monarch at the age of 31. The 1957 photo was taken by her ex-brother-in-law and close friend Antony Armstrong Jones and remains one of the Queen’s most popular shots to this day.

The April issue of “Vogue” sheds light on Elizabeth’s 70-year reign and the development of her fashionable style over the years and, according to its own statements, wants to reveal some “style tricks of the Royals”. Whatever that means. But maybe that’s exactly what amused the Queen.

At least it’s good that she has something to laugh about again. In the past six months, the Queen has repeatedly had to cancel appointments for health reasons. Only recently did she go through a corona infection. The current pictures also show her with a sunny mind, but physically ailing. Again and again she relies on a walker, without which she apparently cannot stand for long periods of time.

The Queen leans on a walking stick.  (Source: dpa)The Queen leans on a walking stick. (Source: dpa)

Elizabeth II is now leaving the house less and less. She canceled her participation in a Commonwealth Day service last week at short notice. Media reports circulated that their country home in Scotland had to be converted to be wheelchair accessible. Cost point: 24,000 euros.

It is now eagerly awaited whether she will be present at a memorial service for her husband Prince Philip, who died almost a year ago at the age of 99, next Monday. So far, a final decision has not been made, it is said.