Queen Letizia delivers an award and the winner appears in the same dress

It can be the nightmare of any woman, but not for the Queen Letizia from Spain, which coincided in the locker room with another guest at a gala.

As if that were not enough, the woman with the identical look was one of the people who took the stage to receive an award from Doña Letizia.

The funny anecdote happened in Mérida, during the Royal Board of Trustees awards that recognize the effort and work of people, companies and entities to advance the full inclusion of people with disabilities.

The woman who coincided with the queen is Immaculate Vivas Teson, Professor of Civil Law at the University of Seville, who received a special mention in the research category.

When they met on stage, both women took the moment with humor and, diploma in between, hugged each other for the cameras and did not stop laughing.

True to her style, Letizia looked elegant without the need for great luxuries, since her choice and that of Vivas was a Two-tone dress, half white and half black from Mango, which is priced at $52.

Both even combined it the same, black belt and heels of the same color.