Queen Letizia does the bear in public with muddy teeth

Queen Letizia of Spain was present at an event Madrid’s royal palace this past April 21, where we saw an elegant, spring and sophisticated look. However, an unfortunate detail in her makeup was noted, her lipstick ran to her teeth.

She attended along with her husband, the King Philip VI to the lunch prior to the awarding of the Cervantes Prize, which celebrates literature. It is also the first official act in which the kings they have not had to use the face mask, and it is that as of April 20 it is no longer mandatory to wear it indoors, in that country.

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The queen wore a floral dress by Pertegaz, which I had already used in 2019; fashion brand that she also wore on her wedding day in 2004. Lavender in color, pencil fall, long sleeves and ribbon tied in a bow, her outfit shows off her silhouette.

Combine with some pink shoes and handbag also in pink, both of Magrit, an accessory brand that she wears frequently. Her semi-updo hairstyle reveals her amber and diamond earringswhile her makeup is not very ornate and plays with pink and red tones.

It is the lipstick, however, that unfortunately did not stay in place and as can be seen in photos shared on social networks, it slightly stains its front teeth, not so exaggeratedly as to be noticeable from a distance, but obviously when seen up close.

In images that circulate through the network, we can see that when the queen smiles, the smeared lipstick on her teeth pokes out considerablysomething that could have been caused by several reasons, perhaps because you applied too much color or because you did not give it time for a final touch-up.

To avoid mishaps like this, experts recommend always applying lipstick with lips tightly closed, pass a tissue or paper to give a final touch, give a few touches with your fingers, to make sure there is no excess paint and, as expected, check in the mirror that the teeth are not stained.

Some also suggest using petroleum jelly, to moisturize, as well as avoid liquid lipsticks, if we are prone to these accidents, Well, these types of products are easier to run, because of the texture of the lipstick.