Queen Máxima impresses with her casually stylish look

Flowing, eye-catching dresses, intense colours. Queen Máxima knows how to stand out fashionably. Her latest look was rather reserved and yet special.

Queen Máxima visited sustainable denim label Mud on Wednesday. She wasn’t wearing jeans, but dressed in muted shades of blue and gray to match. The followers on Instagram are enthusiastic about the choice of the royal look.

The 51-year-old wore wide trousers in powder blue, a dark gray turtleneck sweater and a loose-fitting blazer of the same color with a wide belt around the waist. A gray Gucci bag and suede pumps completed the royal styling. Red nail polish and eye-catching earrings could not be missing.

Queen Máxima: She was alone on several appointments on Wednesday.
Queen Máxima: She was alone on several appointments on Wednesday. (Credit: P van Katwijk/Getty Images)

“Very nicely adapted to the company visit”

On the official channel of the Dutch royal family, fans are busy commenting under a post that gives insights into the royal appointment. Likewise on a royal fashion blog. They are impressed by Máxima’s look. “She looks so stylish. I love this outfit: simple but elegant,” writes one user. Someone else emphasizes loving “the combination of colors”. Someone also notes, “I love the outfit choice.” This person agrees: “Outfit very nicely adapted to the company visit.” However, some users also write that they would also like to see Máxima in jeans.

On Instagram you can see that at Mud old jeans are processed into new models that the queen looked at. Máxima also brought an old pair of jeans, which she herself put in the shredder. The company won a sustainability award this year.