Queen misses Royal Ascot start, son Prince Charles represents her

At the royal horse race, it’s not just about the fast steeds, but also about the creative headgear.

from Lisa Trompisch

Topless at the famous Royal Ascot horse race (until June 18)? Unthinkable, because here it’s hats off instead of hats off – although the latter would also be appropriate in view of the unusual creations. And even if a woman doesn’t have a hat face, she can’t avoid extravagant headgear, because the rule here is: the more conspicuous, the better.

But a few rules have to be observed, otherwise you can take your hat off again: For women, the headdress must have a diameter of at least ten centimeters, fascinators that do not have their own holding power are not allowed. It’s a bit boring for men, they’re only allowed to be top hats here – no frills.

queen Elizabeth II (96) preferred to skip the first day of racing, but said that she was delighted that so many people had returned to the racetrack after the pandemic. And she thanked the equestrian greats and fans for their “continued friendliness” and the respect shown in their anniversary year. She hopes to be able to follow the neighing call to the racetrack at a later date.

She was very smartly represented by her son, Prince Charles (73) and his wife Duchess Camilla (74) and her daughter Princess Anne (71).

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