“Queen of clean”: Queen Elizabeth sells her own washing-up liquid

“Queen of Clean”
Queen Elizabeth sells her own washing-up liquid

The butler chats out of the box: The Queen doesn’t just do the dishes herself from time to time. She also sells her subjects an elegant dishwashing liquid made from the finest herbs that grow at Sandringham Castle. A dog perfume is advertised in a very similar way. This of course has its price.

It’s not an April Fool’s joke: Queen Elizabeth II has recently been selling outrageously expensive washing-up liquid for household use at her country estate in Sandringham. According to the British “Daily Mail” this is an immediate response to an interview by a former Queen’s butler. At the same time, he revealed that the British Queen likes to do the dishes herself at home. The newspaper therefore appropriately titled its report on the new article in the royal offer: “Queen of clean”, Queen of cleanliness.

However, any fan of the British monarchy who also wants to clean their dishes royally in the future will have to dig deep into their pockets: According to the report, a 500-milliliter bottle of the royal dishwashing liquid called “Natural Dish Wash” costs 14 pounds and 99 cents down. The equivalent of almost 18 euros. For comparison: A bottle of the same size from a German discounter costs well under one euro. But you also get a good smell that, according to the label, smells like “coastal hikes”.

Dog perfume has been on the market for a few weeks


“Get rid of unwanted smells”: The Queen currently keeps two corgis.

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Developed in partnership with Norfolk Natural Living, the dishwashing liquid was inspired by a “shared passion for protecting our environment”. The dishwashing detergent would be made just 10 miles from the Queen’s country home “using the finest plant-based ingredients.” By the way, just like another article in the royal product range:

Also with Norfolk Natural Living, the Queen launched a dog perfume about a month ago. The “Happy Hounds Dog Cologne”. This fragrance also contains the note “coastal walks”. With this you can “get rid” of “unwanted smells” on your pet. 200 milliliters of scented dog water costs around 12 euros in the Queen’s shop.

The elegant bottles feature the crown symbol of the Sandringham Royal Estate. Application is also clearly explained: “Spray a generous amount into the palm of your hand and sweep over your dog’s freshly washed and dried coat to eliminate unwanted odors and maintain a fresh scent.” The Queen is believed to have kept more than 30 corgis during her reign and currently keeps two corgis and one dorgi, the newspaper calculated.