Queen to strip Harry and Meghan of titles

Donald Trump doesn’t give Prince Harry and Meghan Markle a good hair. The former US President even prophesies a bitter love break.

the essentials in brief

  • Harry and Meghan are not popular everywhere in their adopted homeland either.
  • In any case, ex-President Donald Trump nasty against the two.
  • Not only does he want to strip them of their titles, he also believes in a divorce soon.

Last week, Prince Harry (37) and Meghan Markle (40) caused a stir with their short visit to the palace. Because the British seemed anything but pleased with the royal guests.

And now there is also harsh criticism from her adopted country, the USA. By whom? Ex-US President Donald Trump (75) himself adds his two cents!

According to “The Sun”, in an interview with the sharp-tongued British moderator Piers Morgan (57), he blasphemes what it takes. When asked whether the Queen (96) should withdraw the other titles from the renegade royals, he replies: “I would do it.” In her place, he would have said to Harry: If that’s your decision, fine, but then the titles are gone.

Donald Trump: “It will end badly”

Anyway, he doesn’t have much good to say about the monarch’s grandson and wife Meghan. “I think he behaved disrespectfully towards his country. Harry will be flogged.” Oops!

Donald Trump is certain that the relationship between the two will break up. His prophecy: Either Meghan will leave the redhead for another man. Or Harry will realize that he no longer wants to be “ordered around”.

Should the Queen strip her grandson Harry and wife Meghan of their titles?

In any case, Melania’s husband (51) is certain that the divorce will come one way or another. Why is he so sure?

‘I was a very good predictor, as you know, I predicted almost everything. It will end and it will end badly.” Aha.

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