Queens of the show: Brenda Carvalho cries after receiving a high score from the jury and reveals that she does not know when she will stop dancing Video Farándula nndc | SHOWS

Brenda Carvalho surprised the jury of “Queens of the show”When imitating Raffaella Carrá in the recent edition of the talent show. The Brazilian obtained one of the best scores and was moved by the positive criticism from Gisela Valcárcel and her teammates.

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When she had the opportunity to address her audience, the Brazilian could not contain her tears when she mentioned that she always gives her best in every dance and that she is very grateful for being part of the reality show.

In addition, Carvalho revealed that he sees the possibility of retiring from the artistic world near: “Every effort is worth it, I appreciate the affection of your production, I can be very intense, but I try to make it come out beautiful … I wanted you to like it, you would get excited, because I get excited.”

“I like to be here (in ‘Queens of the show’), I am passionate about it and I never know if it will be my last time, that every time I feel that it is closer … There is a very special affection”, Brenda expressed through tears.

Brenda Carvalho arrived in Peru as a member of the group “Exporto Brasil”. She decided to stay in the country and since then she has been part of different national television spaces for her talent and charisma.

Cry of Brenda Carvalho


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