Questions to Vicente Fernández’s widow are “in bad taste”

The rumors of affairs that Vicente Fernández had were taken up by Nelssie Carrillo who asked the widow of Vicente Fernández how she dealt with it.

Vicente Fernandez got a reputation for being too much of “cheerful eye“and having been unfaithful to his wife, Maria del Refugio Abarca Villasenorbetter known as “Dona Cuquita“.

Almost a week ago, the Mexican reporter, Nelsie Carrilloposted on his account Instagram a video in which he has a brief interview with the charro’s widow.

“How did you handle your husband’s happy eye?” was the question that Carrillo asked the elegant woman that she decided to answer jovially and without rejecting the journalist who would have found her at an outdoor event.

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“Well, happy, me too,” was the answer she gave with great ease after asking the interviewer to repeat the question to be sure of what she had heard. This elicited a surprised reaction from the reporter.

“If he was happy, I was happy with him,” said the lady who appears in the video in a dark outfit with orange and mint green details.

“Many people wonder how he was able to put up with his infidelities,” the reporter commented. To which “Doña Cuquita” replied: “No! No way to take care of him!” And she completed her response by adding, “I said, from the inside he is my husband; from the outside, I don’t know what he does.”

Nelssie Carrillo has more than 31,000 followers on her Instagram account and the interview post has 758 likes and 176 comments, so far. That makes her post one of her most successful to date. The reporter also has a YouTube channel with more than 87,000 subscribers.

Immediately, the content of the interview generated controversy due to the questions that the journalist addressed to the elderly lady, whose husband, Vicente FernandezHe passed away about nine months ago.

“The man is already dead, and what is the point of opening that wound,” commented a follower. “The truth is that journalists are very reckless”; pointed to another account. “It is a total lack of respect for that lady, but applause for her, she responded with height and covered the mouth of that reckless one,” another person commented on the Instagram post.

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Another part of the reactions focused on criticizing the responses of María del Refugio, Chente’s widow, for what seems to be an acceptance of infidelity as something in which she could not contradict her husband.

“I understand that we do not occupy or are going to take care of the husband, but knowing it and still accepting it (playing blind) because I do not share her opinion, but well, she was the one who put up with it,” added another user, interpreting that she should have let it go. “Obviously for not losing their comforts,” he concluded.

Faced with criticism for the content of her interview, the reporter said she did not feel intimidated and considered that not asking these questions is defending infidelity, even suggesting to another user that perhaps “she likes horns”, but she does not.