Quevedo revealed what Bizarrap told him a few days before launching his new song with Shakira

Recently, a short dialogue has been published between an Argentine media and the artist Quevedo, one of the artists who has achieved the most success after his Music sessions with Bizarrap, who revealed that the young Argentine producer and artist had already told him about his work Shakira.

The same artist pointed out that it was Bizarrap himself who told him to be very attentive to the new single, that he would surely like it. Notably the young producer talked about single who came in the company of the singer from Barranquilla.

Gerard Piqué revealed that his favorite Bizarrap session is #52, together with Quevedo.
Bizarrap and Quevedo worked on Music Sessions #52. – Photo: YouTube Bizarrap Screenshot

“The only thing I talked to him about was the week before I brought it up with her. He told me that he was taking a session and that I was pending because I was going to like it, but he did not give me more information, ”Quevedo said in dialogue with La Resistencia.

On the other hand, the singer stay revealed that after his success with Bizarrap his life continues on its normal path. I don’t have a driver’s license and I live at my parents’ house.. Being an independent artist is annoying, when you invest in your career”, he indicated, adding that the only thing that could have altered his life after this boom with the song was to buy a PlayStation and now play Fifa.

Animation of the video Bzrp Music Sessions #53.
Animation of the video Bzrp Music Sessions #53. – Photo: YouTube Bizarrap Screenshot

Shakira and Bizarrap, unstoppable: these are the records for their new song

After the release of his Music Sessions Vol 53Shakira and Bizarrap make history in the music industry. It was known that they reached the number one position globally with this new song, which soon reached the top of digital platforms.

In just 24 hours, both on Spotify, with more than 14 million listeners, and on YouTube, with more than 52 million views, it became the most listened to song in Spanish in history in a single day, according to the statement. set released by the press office of the Colombian and the Argentine producer.

“On the other hand, Music Sessions Vol 52, which Bizarrap released together with Quevedo, returns to the Top 10 Global, one of the most listened to in 2022 worldwide,” he adds.

“With an unprecedented level of international repercussion for an Argentine artist, Bizarrap breaks audience records with the Vol. 53 of his Music Sessions. The duo generated great expectation since last Monday, and then monopolized all the attention since their departure this Wednesday, January 11.

The singer celebrated the success of her new song on Spotify.
The singer celebrated the success of her new song on Spotify. – Photo: Instagram screenshot @shakira

In a few hours, Shakira’s voice and the beat of Biza resounded around the world and both the media and fans from all over the planet reacted with memes, content and headlines making both the video clip and the song become the most stremed of the world.

Among the milestones of this song, the one with the best reach and the highest number of visits in an hour with 3.6 million reproductions stands out.and being the Music Session with the most streams in less than 24 hours, making the song the fifth best debut in Spotify history.