Rachel Legrain-Trapani about to become a mother for the third time? We have the answer!

Rachel Legrain-Trapani had recently engaged in a question and answer session with her subscribers on Instagram. The opportunity for the former Miss France to reveal part of her future plans to the latter who had also shown themselves to be particularly curious. One of them had just asked the darling of Valentin Léonard if she intended to start her third child soon. A question to which she had answered in the negative insofar as she was thinking for the moment above all of her professional career. A completely assumed choice given everything she had started a few months ago.

A fulfilled and happy woman

Many Rachel Legrain-Trapani fans are waiting for her in the special edition of Beijing Express reserved for celebrities. We will thus find a first lady who had marked the history of France and who for the first time will be forced to hitchhike to get around. We are already looking forward to discovering the former miss France and her companion Valentin Léonard embarking on the adventure. A unique moment that will show how much they are accomplices and united in life.

The professional obligations of Rachel Legrain-Trapani there are therefore so many at the moment that she does not yet have time to start her third child. This of course does not exclude the fact that she decides a little later to expand her family. For the moment, her attention is focused on her two daughters whom she loves above all else.

Source- https://www.nextplz.fr/people/258195-rachel-legrain-trapani-sur-le-point-de-devenir-maman-pour-la-troisieme-fois-on-a-la-reponse