Rachel Legrain-Trapani annoyed by a remark on her rounded belly, she steps up

Tired of being criticized for her physique, Rachel Legrain-Trapani is not laughing this Saturday, May 21, 2022. The day after an evening with her darling Valentin Léonard, the beautiful brunette did not spare a surfer who allowed himself a reflection in bad taste.

After being elected Miss France, Rachel Legrain-Trapani has had a string of great professional projects and has a busy life. But Gianni and Andrea’s mother She too has slack like many young women.

In front of the astonishment of some Internet users who do not understand that she can have complexes, Rachel Legrain-Trapani had delivered on this subject on Instagram. “For information, I am 1m73 tall and I weigh 63 kilos. The weight is just a number, in the end I feel better and better in my body and that’s the most important (…) many of you do not understand where my complexes can be. I would like to be like you. But unfortunately since I was 18 when I was necessarily elected to a beauty contest, I have been in search of “perfection” and I only see my faults… It’s a big problem I have, but which with age, motherhood improves… Today I am learning to love myself but I am going very far… One day I hope that I will be at peace with this in any case I ‘work there’ confided the darling of Valentin Léonard.

Rachel Legrain-Trapani pregnant? She pulls out her claws

Last night, it was time for a romantic outing without the children for Valentin Léonard and Rachel Legrain-Trapani. Besides, the two lovebirds have immortalized this moment. This Saturday, May 21, 2022, the young woman noticed a comment asking her if she was pregnant because of its slightly rounded belly.

It would seem that it was not the right day to make this kind of reflections to him since Rachel Legrain-Trapani quickly stepped up to the plate. “Little sleep, zero tolerance today. You have to explain to me why I have these kinds of comments under this photo” she captioned her screenshot.

Rachel Legrain-Trapani then quipped by doing a rough edit of her photo and shared the result saying: “maybe it’s better that way”. A way to calm things down for any people who want to make similar comments to him…


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