Rafael Santos Diaz on Martin Elias

From the smallest to the largest, they recognize the name of Diomedes Díaz and what it continues to mean for Vallenato folklore. Although one like him is hardly born, his dynasty remains committed to keeping his musical legacy alive.

‘El Cacique de La Junta’ had many children and several of them have the best inheritance that their father could leave them: the voice, the talent to sing and to charm the public. Rafael Santos, the eldest son of the Díaz family, Diomedes de Jesús, Luis Ángel, Elder Dayán and the late Martín Elías, are some of the heirs of that great talent.

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Rafael Santos Díaz Acosta was born from the relationship that Diomedes Díaz had with Patricia Acosta, his first wife. He is also a singer and has ventured into the small screen playing his father in the bionovelas of Patricia Teherán and Rafael Orozco, he even played himself in the bionovela they made in honor of his brother Martín Elías Díaz.

The media outlet El Heraldo conducted an interview with him in recent months, where Santos made it very clear that he loves television and playing characters from his family so that all viewers learn more about each grain of sand he contributed. and continues to contribute, his family to vallenato folklore.

Although ‘El turpial’ also indicated that he suffered a lot at the time of acting out the deaths of his father and brother, because “reliving those moments, that pain, was very hard.” Santos stated that “they had to stop filming”, give him some time to establish his emotions and be able to continue with the scene.

In this interview, Rafael Santos remembered his brother Martín Elías, because from a very young age he had to assume the role of father. At that time, the interpreter of ‘La Reina’ was in jail and with health problems, so he asked his eldest son to take responsibility for the family, especially Martín Elías, who was the youngest in that moment.

“Since I was a boy I had to assume many responsibilities, I was educated to serve the family and be the support of my brothers… My father told me that after him, I came, he trusted me a lot and that is why he entrusted me to the family, to my mother, my grandmother, so that the day he was absent, they would not be abandoned”.

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For Rafael Santos, to serve as an example to his brothers was to take on the greatest challenge of his life, because at a young age he had to put aside games and study in order to be aware of the responsibilities of the home, although he made it clear that he did not he hesitated to do it for a moment and that he feels proud of what he managed to do in Martin’s life.

“I was in charge of teaching him to sing, to verse, to compose from a very young age. My father gave it to me when he was 5 years old and I confess that it is one of the biggest responsibilities I have ever assumed. My father asked me to suspend my studies and go to work to support the family… Martín Elías allowed me to be a father at the age of 15, I was not interested in playing with cars or going to the park, but rather in fulfilling the tasks that my father entrusted to me, especially the upbringing of Martín for being the youngest in the family”.