Rafaella, daughter of Marbelle, changed her ‘look’: this is how the networks reacted

Rafaella, the daughter of the tecnocarrilera singer, Marbelle, has been in the public eye after starring in a scandal for being involved in a personal injury problem with one of her neighbors.

However, this time it is not a trend in social networks because of the subject, but because of its change of look. The young woman changed the color of her hair and received endless comments. Her new look left many with their mouths open, as they say that her style changes too much.

Rafaella said goodbye to the color red and published photos with her new hair color, a light brown that, according to many, makes her look younger and more beautiful.

Among some comments on social networks, you can see those who admire the change and those who throw negative words at the young woman.

“Chestnut, very beautiful; I don’t understand why they give popularity to a person who is nobody. Neither she nor she contributes anything to the community… just for the simple fact of being the daughter of a singer whose career is ultimately based on scandals and not on talent; EVEN THOUGH LA MONA IS DRESSED IN SILK, MONA STAYS; precious!!!”, among other comments that stood out in the publication.

Rafaella recently turned 20 and had a grand celebration. Swimming pool, ‘disc jockeyliquor and friends were the main ingredients of the great party.

Through the Instagram stories of Marbelle’s official profile, the details of the name day were known, which, apparently, was unforgettable.

Several personalities from the national show business attended the party, such as the artist Karoll Márquez, who also shared images on his social networks of what was experienced in the celebration.

Rafaella’s fight with one of her neighbors

Marbella’s youngest daughter became a trend on the different social networks on February 11, because she was publicly denounced for having beaten a young womanidentified by the name of Ana María Campos.

According to the testimony of the alleged victim, the singer punched him in the face for having asked him to respect the biosafety protocols. In addition, she shared two images of the attack.

Faced with these claims, the popular music artist quickly spoke about it and shared a message on her personal Twitter account, which received all kinds of comments.

“Oh my God!”, were the short words written by the so-called queen of the tecnorailera. In addition, she accompanied the publication with two laughing emoticons, which caused many people to think that he was making fun of the situation.

The singer, in the same way, took advantage of the moment to tell her followers that in the next few days more details will be revealed about what, according to her, actually happened between her daughter and Campos.

“You will have more news. Everything in due time, greetings”, concluded Marbelle on Twittera social network in which she is quite active, commenting and sharing her respective opinions on national news.

Rafaella, for her part, broke the silence this Friday and categorically denied the alleged beating she gave the young woman. Likewise, she assured that everything is currently in the hands of justice.

Through a press release, the artist also pointed out that the case has already been taken to legal instances and that, for the moment, she cannot provide more details about what happened, since it could hinder the process.

“Dear friends and family, in the last hours I have been the protagonist of a situation that has been distorted and viralized, my mother and I being victims of false accusations and countless attacks that have affected our honor and good name. We reject all the accusations made against us.” precise.