Rammstein with great success at the top

Nobody can get past Rammstein. With their new album, the heavy metal band made it to number one right away. The band is also involved in the single charts.

the essentials in brief

  • With their new album, the Berlin band Rammstein has once again landed directly at the top of the charts.

“Zeit” was sold 160,000 times within a week, as announced by GfK Entertainment.

A spokesman explained that this is the strongest start of all German musicians and all international rock acts in the German charts since the Rammstein predecessor three years ago.

Another Berlin rock band is in second place: Die Ärzte are back on the hit list with their reissued vinyl “The Beast in Human Form”. Behind it is reezy (“Loyalty Over Love”), a rap artist.

In the single charts, the top spots are also dominated by rap. The new leader is Luciano with «Beautiful Girl». Behind them, the producer duo Miksu and Macloud with rapper t-low can again secure two places. “We Made It” came in second, “Longing” in third place.

Rammstein made it into the top 20 with three songs at the same time (“Zick Zack” in seventh place, “Zeit” in eighth place and “Angst” in 12th place).

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