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Spanish producer Ramón Campos confesses that he grew up watching very successful melodramas in his country, such as Rich people cry too either Glass. However, he noticed something peculiar. None of the viewers admitted that they were fans of such content.

For this reason, when he began to generate his own projects, he had only one objective: to achieve the success of soap operas with his series and that viewers could brag about it.

This is how it came about now and thena bilingual product starring Manolo Cardona, Marina de Tavira, Rosie Pérez, José María Yazpik, Maribel Verdú, Soledad Villamil and Željko Ivanek that premieres on May 20 on Apple Tv+

“As creators we are influenced by the products we saw as children, I saw Colombian and Mexican series that came to Spain, mix that with the United States cinema and with new projects and there we have a new product,” Campos said in an interview.

“When it worked grand hotel (one of his most successful productions of 2011), we set ourselves a kind of challenge to make viewers feel proud of watching a telenovela, that they brag about it, that is our small contribution to Latin narrative, “he added.

now and then takes place in Miami, Florida; According to Campos, together with the producer Gema R. Neira and the director Gideon Raff, they agreed that they wanted to capture the city in this series as close to reality as possible. In fact, the location was selected due to the multiculturalism of the cast, which is reflected in the plot.

“We have to continue creating bridges, the time is over to justify why in a movie or series there is a Mexican, an Argentine, a Spaniard, that does not happen here, I think we can be part of the projects without justifying the difference of origins , we must take advantage of this Castilian that unites us all and have links, be in Mexican, Peruvian, Colombian cinema, in any, “says actress Maribel Verdú.

The series deals with the story of the reunion of six friends who live a traumatic experience due to the death of one of them after a weekend of celebration and 20 years later one by one of the remaining five will pay for the mistakes they made.

“The story goes from one time to another, from 2000 to 2020, you always find new information through my character who is the detective,” says Željko Ivanek.

“It also seeks to send positive messages such as the value of forgiveness, for example, or that we all make decisions that have consequences and for me it is something very human both how we live them, how we face them and there is always the option of going back and doing the good things,” he adds.

Those time jumps in the plot presented a challenge for the protagonists, especially since they worked in parallel with actors who represented their young versions.

“That is something that had never happened to us, being two in one, in my case, the challenge was to bring her into my life and do practically everything with her so that there was a real symbiosis and that we were two in one because we did not know each other. I tried to get her into my parties, my lunches, my dinners, dates with friends, I think she did a wonderful job, “says Verdú.

Two girls who, despite the passing of the years, have not been able to overcome the past are Sofia (Verdu) and Daniela (Soledad Villamil), in them, unlike the others involved, they keep alive the memory of the trauma they experienced.

“That’s what unites them, that complicity, of what they did and what they can’t forget,” Villamil said.

On the other hand, there is the character of Ana (Marina Tavira) that despite projecting a strong woman, who knows well where to lead, in intimate life it is quite the opposite.

“It seems to me that she is an empowered woman with unshakeable convictions, but she is also someone who has not been able, until that moment in her life, to fulfill herself in a personal way, that strength is questioned and that makes her interesting, complex and that not only gives a face”, said the actress nominated for an Oscar.

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Finally, and according to the producer, the outline of each of the characters arose from the creators’ analysis of their achieved goals and those they did not achieve.

“We wanted to talk about dreams, how when you are 20 years old you dream of something and when you are over 40 you look back and analyze which of those dreams came true, which ones will never come true and which ones were important; From there it was easy to start creating each of the characters”.