Rancho Los 3 Potrillos de Vicente Fernández is an energetic fortress!

An imposing ranch that, apparently, has more history than we thought; a legend that does not do justice to the talent of Vicente Fernández.

Karla Barajas, specialist in energy issues, visited the Los 3 Potrillos ranch and shared with us his analysis regarding the energy that moves in the place.

What is special about Los 3 Potrillos Ranch? The truth is, it was lucky that I could go and see everything that was there, I feel very lucky, and just like that, the first thing you see when you arrive at the ranch are the cacti, which, having spikes, keep out, literally , bad energy, envy and all the evil that people want. By having all this on the front, the family tells people that it is with great pleasure that they invite them to their home, but that the filth that everyone brings stays outside.

That is very interesting… Yes, there are very informed people who put cactus and aloe vera in their businesses so that this happens; it really works a lot.

So envy does not enter? He doesn’t go in, and besides, if there was someone wanting to do harm, he wouldn’t even get past the door; sometimes it happens that your clothes get stuck, scratch or itch, just as if your house defended you, and it is generally with plants that seek your house, such as roses or others that have thorns.

Is it important energetically speaking that the ranch is always well painted? Yes, because it has to do with economic and health issues. More than looking pretty, we must ensure that the houses are always free of water leaks, because if not, we literally make the energy go away; The first thing you have to do when you don’t have a job is that your house doesn’t have leaks.

Did you analyze anything else at the ranch? Yes, I noticed that there were no infestations of insects, flies, cockroaches or anything, that would be a sign that our house has very bad vibrations. Each insect has its attention call; flies, for example, refer to everything that generates envy. However, on the ranch everything is clean, and there are hummingbirds, which mean nothing more than transmutation.

Is the evil eye different in famous people? Yes, famous people can be exposed to the evil eye because they are seen by many people, it lowers the energy; sometimes they think that if they don’t see them in person it won’t happen, but it even happens to me, when a video goes viral, I feel tired and I have to clean myself.

What else is important to the naked eye? The trees of the ranch are very particular; Generally, when a woman in the house had cancer, the trees also absorb that energy, so it is important to see the trees in the neighborhoods: if there are cracked trees, there is bad energy. On the ranch there are large and leafy trees, which mean nothing more than bonanza. The source of the input is super important, because that is also abundance and flow.

Is it good to read “The 3 Potrillos” outside? Yes, because it gives you strength and protects your energy. It’s important to have strong energy and not let another one come in that easily. What I liked the most during my visit is that the family names are on the main gate, which means that they are protected and that they are not a weak or crouched family.

When Vicente Fernández died there was a phenomenon with the birds on the ranch, it was as if they were saying goodbye… Is it possible? The energy doesn’t lie, and yes, the little birds, the plants and the energy always show what is happening, they are like children, they let you know immediately what is happening. I have no doubt that they appreciated the affection of the family.

Is it positive that they buried Vicente in his house? Honestly, I don’t recommend having the ashes in your house, but having a gigantic one like a ranch, obviously the fact that they have the artist in their house is as if they had him safe. I don’t recommend going to funerals either, but there was no pain there, but a continuous tribute.

Do the statues have something to say about the energy side? Yes, because it is a way of remembering it; the statues recreate something powerful and make people continue to remember someone strong, and not in a hospital bed connected to suffering. Even the series or the tributes honor the destiny and the past of the people.

Lastly, do you think the ranch has become conscious to take care of the family? Totally, because it is a fortress, it is made in a very particular way and always protecting what is inside. In the family there are always energetic contracts, and it is seen that the Fernandezes have abundance and success contracts, as well as a talent for communication.


The Los 3 Potrillos ranch was inaugurated, in some way, in 1980, it was tailored to the Rancho of the American series Dallas, as detailed once on the Don Francisco program. In 2005 he built an arena for charrería shows called Arena Vicente Fernández Gómez, with capacity for 15,000 people, and which has received international artists such as Katy Perry, Roger Waters and Depeche Mode. The main residence was inhabited by the singer and his wife, María del Refugio Abarca Villaseñor, and each member of the family has a space. Inside the ranch there is also a restaurant, which since 1999 is open to all public. Likewise, the largest charrería shop in Latin America is located on the property.