Rap legend Kanye West turns 45

Berlin (AP) – A music legend in Schwetzingen. At the weekend, the residents of the small town near Heidelberg were able to admire prominent figures. Kanye West walked through the garden of Schwetzingen Castle and celebrated a wedding with a delegation from the USA. The rapper turns 45 today.

Kanye Omari West, who was born in Atlanta, Georgia in 1977, grew up with his mother in Chicago. The American rapper comes from a middle-class background, which in no way corresponded to the rap clichés of the time. In order to be able to concentrate fully on his music, with which he now earned his first money, he broke off his college studies in 1996. At the end of the 1990s he celebrated his breakthrough alongside Jay-Z.

Blows of fate as inspiration

In his life West had to deal with many strokes of fate. He dealt with this in various songs. In 2002, he released the song “Through The Wire,” in which he rapped about his serious car accident that left him with a triple fracture of his jaw. In 2007 he took part in various benefit concerts. With “Live Earth” many players in the industry wanted to draw attention to climate change. With the song “Love Lockdown” he processed the death of his mother, who died in November 2007.

An eccentric and legendary artist

Kanye West enjoys legendary status around the world that hardly seems rational. He embodies his music with a strong artistic style, his influence on hip-hop in the early 2000s is huge. Especially at the beginning of his career he sampled older pieces of music for his songs. Elements of soul music run through his works. His texts are considered extremely socially critical. In it he shows his negative attitude towards godlessness and war. In his debut album, “The College Dropout”, which was released in February 2004, he processed his school days and his dropping out of education.