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“Raphaelismo”, a documentary series on the occasion of the 60th anniversary of the Spanish artist raphael in the world of music, in the making of which he and his family have been involved, premieres on Thursday, October 6 on ViX+, TelevisaUnivision’s global subscription streaming service.

The four-part series delves into the successes, secrets and dreams of the artist with unpublished audiovisual material, says a statement from the platform. The series recounts Raphael’s life in a chronological narrative that includes reflections by the artist.

Produced by Movistar Plus+ in collaboration with Dadá Films & Entertainment and Universal Music Spain (GTS Entertainment), Raphaelismo counts, among others, with the participation of Natalia Figueroa (wife of the artist), Jaime Azpilicueta, Pedro Piqueras, Soledad Jara and Enrique Moreno.

Episode 1, “From Childhood to Affairs,” starts in 1955, when Raphael made his debut at the Teatro de la Zarzuela in Madrid and became known in Spain.

In this chapter Raphael recalls his humble origins, his beginnings as a singer, the triumph at the Benidorm festival, the moments of hunger in Spain and the success of the song “Tamborilero” to close about to embark on his first adventure in the Eurovision contest.

Episode 2, “¡Viva Raphael!” includes both the personal and professional sides that smile at himmoment in which he meets Natalia, the great love of his life, and musical success.

His two appearances at the Eurovision Song Contest opened the doors to international success for him. in cities like Paris, London, New York and Latin America, until his first crisis after the concerts in Las Vegas.

Episode 3, “What Nobody Knows,” tackles social, political, and musical change in the 1980s leading many artists to focus on new markets.

This chapter highlights how Raphael ran his course and released a string of hitsin addition to showing his most intimate and personal facet at the hands of his family.

He recalls his problems with alcohol, illness and liver transplant to be reborn again at the Teatro de la Zarzuela in Madrid.

In episode 4, “Infinite Dances”, he enters the 21st century, new times with an evolved Raphael who returns to the cinema and opens himself to collaborating with young talents.

The documentary concludes with his tour of Russia to end with the eternal question: “And tomorrow… What?”.


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