Rapper Shay announces her comeback date

While a mysterious promotional event is taking place in Paris, the Belgian artist announces to his public something new for April 29…

Only a few more days of patience. Rapper Shay, who recently announced an imminent return, specifies this Sunday the date of this comeback: the 29-year-old Belgian artist will be back next Friday, April 29. It does not specify whether fans can expect a track or an album.

The interpreter of Pretty publishes a visual on Instagram as well as some images of a shoot, which suggests that a clip is to be expected. “See you Friday,” she simply wrote in the caption.

Nice promotional shot

Shay had been discreet since the release ofAntidoteher second album, in 2019. So for her return after years of absence, the young woman set up an ultra-thought-out promotion.

Last week, she posted a short teaser announcing that she would be back soon, and linked to a site where fans could sign up. The latter received a mysterious invitation in the following days, giving them an appointment at an address in the 3rd arrondissement of Paris, as reported Movement.

Those who visited this afternoon discovered that a pop-up store dedicated to Shay had been installed. As reported by the Twitter account Camino TV, several articles with the effigy of Shay are proposed there. And according to a video briefly posted online before being deleted, a new single was released there…

Source- https://www.bfmtv.com/people/musique/la-rappeuse-shay-annonce-la-date-de-son-retour_AN-202204240179.html