Rapper Travis Scott sued over death of woman’s unborn child: ‘I was stomped on and run over’

The chaos caused during the crowd movement at the Astroworld festival in Houston in the American state of Texas, caused the death of 10 people in November 2021. Dozens of complaints have already been filed against the organizers of the concert. In particular, rapper Travis Scott, the main organizer of the festival, present on stage at the time of the tragedy, is targeted.

A woman who suffered a miscarriage after attending the deadly Astroworld festival has filed a wrongful death lawsuit against the rapper.

Shanazia Williamson, of Montgomery County, Ohio, alleged in court documents obtained by Page Six and filed in November 2021 that she was “trampled and run over” during the concert earlier that month, which resulted in “serious injuries”.

She said she had “difficulty breathing”, “chest pain”, “left leg pain” and “injuries to other parts of his body.

Shanazia Williamson and her husband, Jarawd Owens, later filed an amended lawsuit in December 2021 in which they claim the “horrific injuries” Williamson suffered resulted in “the death of their unborn child.

The couple also alleged injuries to Williamson’s stomach, which was not mentioned in the previous complaint.

Under Texas law — where the lawsuit was filed since the festival took place in Houston — an “individual” includes an unborn child at every stage of gestation, from fertilization to birth, which is why Williamson and Owens were able to sue for wrongful death even though their child was not yet born.

The lawsuit also states that “the failure of the defendants to plan, design, manage, operate, employ and supervise the event is a direct and immediate cause of Shanazia’s injuries and the death of her and Jarawd’s unborn child“.

They claim that Shanazia Williamson suffered”of physical pain, suffering, mental anguish, emotional distress, discomfort, personal injury and ultimately the death of her and Jarawd’s unborn child” and also mention a list of future damages, including “loss of enjoyment of life“.

Williamson and Owens are seeking more than $1 million.

In addition to Travis Scott, concert organizers including Live Nation Worldwide Inc, Scoremore Holdings LLC, ASM Global, Harris County Sports & Convention Corporation, Valle Services LLC, and others have been named in the lawsuit.

In December 2021, the Harris County Institute of Forensic Sciences released a report stating that all 10 people killed in the Astroworld tragedy died of compression asphyxiation. Williamson and Owens said their unborn child was the 11th victim.

More than 300 other people were injured during the concert and 25 were hospitalized.

Travis Scott and organizers are facing a series of lawsuits for failing to shut down the show as attendees cried out for help. The 31-year-old rapper claimed he didn’t realize there was a crowd movement while he was on stage.

“Even after the show, I didn’t realize exactly what happened until a few minutes before the press conference,” Travis Scott told Charlamagne Tha God on the radio personality’s YouTube channel and of American television.

And even then, I was like, huh what? People faint sometimes, things happen at concerts, but something like that?

Fans tried to get Scott’s attention during his performance in hopes of shutting down the show, but the rapper didn’t hear anything. The artist’s performances are known to be wild, but the rapper claims they always take place in “a safe environment”.

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