Raquel Garrido assaulted in Drancy: the legislative candidate will file a complaint

The race for the Legislative 2022 has started for several weeks now. And as the second round is fast approaching, Raquel Garrido has shared terrible news on her Twitter account. This June 16, 2022, she was the victim of an attack in the streets of Drancy, in Seine-Saint-Denis.

Thunderbolt for the members of the new La Nupes party! Raquel Garrido, lawyer and emblematic figure of the far left, was the victim of a terrible attack while the latter was trying to rally some supporters in the streets of Drancy, in Seine-Saint-Denis. Legislative candidate in the 5th district of the department, the companion of Alexis Corbière was targeted by tear gas while she was in the car. “Two comrades abused, gassed and beaten in Drancy. Raquel Garrido’s team is the victim of the violence of the Macronist majority. It goes too far. The sectarian hatred and the verbal excesses of the friends of Castaner and Montchalin are unbearable”first alerted Jean-Luc Mélenchon on social networks.

For her part, the main interested party, Raquel Garrido, also took the floor on her Twitter account to share this misadventure with the members of her virtual community. “While I was driving around Drancy with a sound system to call for the vote, two Jean-Christophe Lagarde activists instructed this individual to gas my vehicle. We were taken care of”she explained, revealing a supporting video. And the politician is not ready to let it go. “We are filing a complaint. I continue my campaign to beat Lagarde at the pollsshe announced.

Jean-Christophe Lagarde disputes the facts

And Raquel Garrido does not disassemble. In the columns of Parisianthe latter affirmed the facts. “We were with three activists in a car campaigning. We were talking into a dictaphone. There were two Lagarde activists near us. We saw them discussing with an individual, and then the latter ran towards us, then gassed the vehicle interior. It burned usshe said.

A version, however, contested by the principal concerned: Jean-Christophe Lagarde. “We had two activists who were towing in front of a school. They were next to the gymnasium. hadn’t asked him anything! I don’t know why he did this, but these accusations are enough! What does Mélenchon believe?, he launched with our colleagues. Case to follow.

Source- https://www.voici.fr/news-people/raquel-garrido-agressee-a-drancy-la-candidate-aux-legislatives-va-deposer-plainte-731727