Rare family photo: Sophia Thomalla shows her father Andre Vetters

Alongside her famous mother, Simone Thomalla, Sophia Thomalla grew up in the spotlight and learned early on to assert herself in the media world. Today, the 32-year-old works successfully as an entrepreneur, presenter and model.

Her celebrity mom is still a well-booked actress. However, not much is known about her father. All the more amazing that she has now presented a very rare family snapshot with him.

Sophia Thomalla shows her father André Vetters

On Monday (April 11) Simone Thomalla celebrated her 57th birthday with friends and family. Her ex André Vetters, to whom the actress was married until 1995, was also there. Their daughter Sophia Thomalla proudly posted a photo of this encounter on Instagram and wrote: “Mother, Father, Child.”

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Simone Thomalla also seems to have been happy about her guest. “Then dad gave me the most beautiful gift,” is her comment on the family photo.

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What is known about Sophia Thomalla’s father?

In 1988 André Vetters and Simone Thomalla got together, a year later their daughter Sophia was born – in 1991 the wedding followed. While Simone was mainly seen in TV and cinema productions, the 62-year-old made a career as an actor in the theater. Among other things, he was on stage in the Altmark Theater and the Neubrandenburg Playhouse. André Vetters is also a permanent member of the ensemble at the Frankfurt theater “Die Komödie”.

“Happy patchwork family”: Sophia Thomalla had several father figures

Even though her parents’ marriage broke up in 1995, Sophia Thomalla has a good relationship with her father. Nevertheless, other men have also influenced their development, as explained in a 2015 interview with “World“explained: “My mother got along well with my biological father André (Vetters), who in turn got along well with her later life partner Sven (Martinek). My father also had a friendly relationship with Rudi (Assauer). We’re one big happy blended family.”

Sophia Thomalla describes her father as the “artist in the family”: “He is highly educated, a beautiful man and a great theater actor. What I love about him is that he is totally relaxed. He never had the urge for the big one Career. He’s a good, happy theater maker. Not everyone has to be in front of the camera!”

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