Raúl “El Negro” Araiza happy on the beach and without a face mask, although he tested positive, they knock him out in networks

Raul “El Negro” Araiza He is surprised on the beach and without a mask, although he tested positive, they throw him into networks because they assure that this way he could have infected many and even cause them to become seriously ill.

It was days ago when Raul Araiza, driver of the today program and actor announced that he would not be on the morning broadcast for having tested positive for Covid-19 like his partner, Margarita Vega.

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Although it was supposed toThe Black Araiza”He would spend the days sheltered at home, his friend, the actor Leonardo García, balconyed him on social networks showing that they had gone to the beach and that they were not using protective measures such as a face mask.

Leonard Garcia and Raul Araiza they were in Acapulco, in the video shared by the son of Andrés García it was heard that they even invited Jorge “El Burro” van Rankin to accompany them, which most infuriated the followers of the celebrities.

Many assured that irresponsible acts like these continued to cause infections and that surely if the virus had not taken a family member from them or placed them in a serious condition, they would not be so happy.

Although the video was removed from social networks, celebrity followers were responsible for saving it and spreading it, unleashing all kinds of criticism.

Last October, Raúl Araiza also alarmed his followers by appearing with an oxygen mask, since the change in height affected him when he traveled to Peru with his daughter, but he soon managed to recover.

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For now, the criticism continues and some followers have even asked that Raul Araiza issue a public apology for your conduct, as many follow your example and attitudes like these could make this fourth wave of the virus even more delicate.