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Puerto Rican artist Raww Alexander He has made the public of his ‘new home’, Barcelona, ​​dance non-stop for just over an hour, with an exceptional spectator: his partner, the Spanish singer Rosalía, who has witnessed the performance from one of the boxes at the RCDE Stadium.

Rauw Alejandro has been the headliner of the concert ‘Oh My Gol! LaLiga Music Experience’, which has brought together some 23,000 people at the Espanyol stadium, a mostly teenage audience on a Saturday in which the event competed with the last day of a festival as powerful as Primavera Sound.

“I am from Puerto Rico, but now Barcelona is the meva ciutat (it is my city). On are the single nights of the city? (Where are the single girls in the city?) Qui vol perreo? (Who wants perreo?)”, the artist has proclaimed in the first bars of the concert.

Once again, Rosalía’s boyfriend has been heard in Catalan, something he has already done on his social networks. In the first rows of the concert it has been possible to see some of her followers somewhat ‘dissatisfied’ with this relationship. One of them, in a joking tone, has shown a banner that read: ‘Rauw, you have made the wrong Catalan’.

The concert venue could not have been more suitable for Rauw Alejandro, who before succeeding in the world of music was close to becoming a professional footballer. But, finally, his experience in Orlando (United States) was not as fruitful as he would have liked and an injury ended up frustrating his expectations.

The concert began with a ‘Good night, Barcelona’ 15 minutes late compared to the scheduled time, and the first song offered was ‘Tell him’, one of the songs from his first album, “Aphrodisiac”, which earned a nomination in the category of ‘best urban music album’ at the last Grammy Awards.

The Puerto Rican has continued with the reggaeton of ‘Mírame’, to continue with songs from his second and last album, ‘Vice Versa’. Thus, the Barcelona public has been able to listen to songs like ‘Desenfocao’, ‘La old skul’ or ‘Cúrame’.

Another song on this album that was especially sung by the public was ‘Aquel Nap ZzZz’, especially after it was dedicated to Rosalía. “My girlfriend is watching me. This song is for you, Rosalía. My love, I love you”, she has proclaimed. And the public, obviously, has celebrated.

Before, the RCDE Stadium had already imploded with ‘Fantasías’ and ‘Tattoo’, which ended with Alejandro Rauw wrapping himself up in a Spanish flag that was thrown at him from the public.

Instead, ‘I congratulate you’ has been missing from his repertoire, the song he shares with Shakira and whose lyrics have been interpreted as a clear reference to the Colombian singer’s separation from Barça player Gerard Piqué.

Although the rhythm practically has not dropped at any time, in the final section a ‘high’ has been produced again with ‘Party’ and with the last song, ‘Todo de Ti’, which has served to revive the present memories last summer, when the theme became one of the great successes of that stage.

The event ‘Oh My Goal! LaLiga Music Experience’ is the first experience of this magnitude for LaLiga, the organizer together with the company ‘Never Say Never’, of the Spanish player Andrés Iniesta. The idea was born with the purpose of celebrating it annually in a different stadium of the Spanish soccer league.

Alejandro Rauw has put the culmination to an evening that began at 7:00 p.m. with a ‘Warm-Up’ animated by the Spanish Juan Magan as DJ, while the also Spanish Ana Mena could not perform in this previous one due to voice problems .

The first performance was that of the Argentine artist María Becerra, who rose to fame on YouTube and who is now triumphing with her new single entitled ‘Ojalá’, sung by a large part of the public, in the same way as ‘Miénteme’ and, especially, when singing ‘¿Qué más then?’, his worldwide success with J Balvin.

Next, it was the turn of a compatriot of his, Bizarrap, who made the public go wild with his usual rhythmic session mixing genres such as trap, electronic music, reggaeton and rap. The Argentine invited the content creator Ibai Llanos to the concert, who watched the show from one of the boxes.

The premiere of this LaLiga musical experience ended after midnight with the American DJ Steve Aoki, a regular in the early mornings of festivals around the world.

In this way, Alejandro Rauw has chained his second consecutive successful night in Spain, after performing before more than 15,000 people last Friday in Fuengirola (Málaga). (Source: EFE)


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