RBD defends Alfonso Herrera; denies that he asked for 10 million dollars-El Sol de México

the return of the band RBD is already full of controversial upon confirmation that Alfonso Herreraone of the members, would not be in the long-awaited tourso several theories They already had to be denied.

Herrera himself came out to explain the reason for your absence and in an interview for Despierta América, he explained that simply his current job will not allow you to participate in the project.

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“Because I’m going to be working friends, the only thing I can say is that it’s going to be a very successful project and I wish you all the success in the world,” he said.

However, this Tuesday a magazine assured that the artist had asked for millions of dollars to be part of the reunion, giving rise to more speculations and forcing, once again, to clarify things.

First Alfonso Herrera He came out to testify through his twitter account where he did not refer to the specific medium, but clarified that money is not always the reason for his actions.

“I generally don’t pay attention to magazines that only promote unpleasant things, but it seems important to me to expose some points that come from me and not from an invention. Denying my past implies denying my present, money is not everything and it does not fully motivate my decisions, ”she began in his message.

Later, he reiterated the affection that he has for Rebelbecause it is an important part of his career.

“Rebelde meant and means to pursue your dreams and be consistent with what you want in life, something I try every day… sometimes I achieve it and sometimes I learn,” he concluded.

RBD responds to controversy

For his part, RBD issued a release where he assures that the information revealed by the magazine was completely false denying any agreement or negotiation that would have conditioned the participation of Herrera.

“No member of the office in charge of the project has been in contact with the magazine and has never been provided with any details in relation to these projects.”

Finally, he asked for respect for Alfonso Herrera and for the RBD group itself and invited all the fans to do not fall for unverified informationas all the details of the tour will be provided through their official pages.

“There is respect, affection and mutual support between the members of RBD and Alfonso Herrera, so this note only tries to discredit and attack the image, reputation, honor and integrity of the group.”


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