RBD: Dulce María reveals secrets of the band

The RBD phenomenon arose from the soap opera Rebelde, which ended in 2006, while the group lasted two more years, giving concerts in Mexico, Spain, the US and Brazil; the last one was on December 21, 2008.

It was in 2015 when Anahí, Dulce María, Christopher, Maite and Christian met with producer Pedro Damián, in which Poncho Herrera was missing, so the rumors of a reunion increased at that time.

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The reunion meeting was held in December 2019 after 11 years. Anahí, Poncho, Dulce María, Christopher, Maite and Christian, surprised by simultaneously publishing a photo of their reunion on their Instagram accounts.

Not everything was honey on flakes for RBD

Dulce María pointed out that even though RBD was an international phenomenon, the cast did not earn as much as one would expect.

“They danced very well for us,” says Dulce María in an interview with Yordi Rosado.

This in allusion to the fact that the band received absolutely nothing from the profits of the merchandise.

“All things were exploitation of our image, but it was the character, it was not Dulce María, it was Roberta,” remarks the actress who was only 18 years old at the time of participating in the youth soap opera.

The singer points out that she never thought that the RBD project would be as profitable as it was at the time. Most of her earnings were due to her business contracts, however, there was an obvious wage inequality between RBD members. Although they all went on tour at the same time, it took at least four years to find out that some were earning more than others.

This situation only changed because the group demanded it, but it was only applied in the last year of the band.

The greatest of the luxuries they managed to afford was an apartment or a house, but no more than that.

And then comes the separation

After the dissolution of RBD and the boom of social networks, Dulce María assures that the work that has left her the most was not the one she did with the group, it was, to everyone’s surprise, working as an influencer on Instagram.

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At the meeting that took place in December 2019, Maite Perroni made it clear that said meeting was without any purpose of obtaining money or profit, assuring that this was “the true reunion… the reunion of the six souls that were just one”.


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