RCN will give it on weekends; changed ‘X Factor’

And it is that, according to the medium, ‘Masterchef celebrity’ 2022 will no longer only be broadcast from Monday to Friday, “it will also be on Saturdays and Sundays in the programming of Canal RCN“.

The change in the kitchen format, where there is a ‘cousin’ of the presenter of ‘Desafío’, it applies from the weekend of March 26 and 27they added in the communication.

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What is the “new schedule” of ‘Masterchef’

“His new schedule is from Monday to Sunday, at 8 pm,” RCN explained. by announcing the news that it has extended the broadcast days of its star contest, which has as a highlight of its programming because it is the one that is generating the most ‘rating’ (the current edition has had, on average, 7 points), without outperform your competition on weekdays.

“This weekend you will have more [‘Masterchef celebrity’]”, added the presenter of the reality show, Claudia Bahamón, in the press release, while the jury Chris Carpentier reiterated: “Because now you can also enjoy it on weekends”.

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As at 8 pm on the weekend there will now be the cooking program, the music contest, which is not giving the channel as much ‘rating’, they gave it a ‘black apron’ and was run for 9 pm on Saturdays and Sundays

That was also indicated by the RCN press, which announced that the last weekend of March “The stage of chairs begins” in the format of José Gaviria (former of Laura Acuña) and company.