Reactions of Vicente Fernández’s children after the premiere of the Televisa bioseries

“The Last King: The Son of the People” is the series on the life of Vicente Fernández that premiered just a few days ago and is already causing great controversy, mainly among the children of the late artist.

Although no heir to “El Charro de Huentitán” spoke in front of the press about the production of Televisa, Pablo Montero (who plays the remembered singer) told “Primera Mano” that he spoke with Vicente Fernández Jr. about the first images that came out to the light and he said “very nice things”.

With these statements, there is no doubt that Pablo had a positive exchange of words with Vicente. In fact, Fernández’s son told him: “You know what old man? It’s just that‚ the truth is, I get goosebumps, I get a lump in my throat”referring to his performance in the series.

However, the one who does not seem to be very happy with this release is Alejandro Fernández, because according to journalist Adolfo Infante, Televisa will report very intimate things about the family and would even hint that Fernández’s children have an alleged link with some drug cartels. , something that of course is very serious.

In addition, considering that the interpreter of “Si Tú Supieras” and Pablo are friends, this would have further worsened the image that the first has about the program and about the fact that the Mexican has agreed to work on it.