real age and daughter of the presenter who is already a great-grandfather

“I’m already old,” says Carlos Giraldo when asked how old he is. He has been on Colombian screens for more than 20 years and although he started on the stage, he is now one of the country’s best-known presenters in the entertainment industry.

His connection to ‘La red’, a successful program on Caracol Televisión occurred two years after it began to be broadcast and It’s been 9 years since Carlos Giraldo has had great transformations in his work and family family.

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In ‘Day by day’, ‘Giri’ spoke easily of his true age and confessed that he turned 60, so he is already part of the population that in Colombia considers himself an older adult, although he does not seem so. His birthday is September 28.

His mono hair, increasingly sparse, his face with few wrinkles and his jovial style make him a man who seems younger than what his ID actually says, although in his life he has had various difficulties, including an STD.

The first difficult moment in his life began very young as he became a father at the age of 14, when he was still a teenager. Despite that difficult situation that he got into for “not thinking”, as he says, he got ahead with his daughter, since he was practically a single father.

“It gave me a lot because I was always very early. In that search, what happened, I already see as a gift of life, but it was a tremendous scare, ”she said.

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Carlos Giraldo, from ‘La red’, is a great-grandfather

For many viewers of the morning show this was a revelation, even though he had already told his family story a few years ago. At 60 years old, Carlos Giraldo has a daughter, granddaughter and great-granddaughter.

‘Giri’ was a father at 14, a grandfather at 31 and a great-grandfather at 50, something that in ‘Day by day’ they considered as a record. Of course, according to her, the presenter’s daughter does not like very much that she tell the story because she already accounts for her age.

On one occasion, Giraldo —who once claimed to be in a relationship with a married man— shared a photograph of his family which is made up of a majority of women.

Carlos Giraldo’s daughter, whose name is Olga Lucía, became a mother at the age of 17. And the presenter’s granddaughter, Gabriela, had her daughter when she was 19 years old. ‘Giri”s great-granddaughter is currently 10 years old.

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In addition to this lineage of adolescent mothers, Olga Lucía had two other children: a girl and a boy.. Most of them currently live in Cali, but the relationship is very close and, when they can, they share with the presenter’s sisters.