Reality TV star drops shocking messages from Magali Berdah, covering up sexual assault

Magali Berdah finds herself once again at the heart of a controversy. If she managed so far to get out of it without too much damage, this case could take a different turn. Indeed, the reality TV candidate who claims to have confided in Magali Berdah has proof of what she is saying. Evidence of the Shauna Events founder’s invitation to remain silent following an attack. This reality TV candidate revealed all the details of her attack and her “double punishment” with the youtubeur Bastos, Bastien Grimaldi of his real name. Himself a former reality TV candidate, he could understand the positioning of the young woman.

The latter began by returning to the presence of illegal substances on the set of reality TV shows. A presence denied by Magali Berdah and yet affirmed by several reality TV candidates. Then, she went into the details of what characterizes her aggression and those of Magali Berdah’s reaction following her confidences. Objeko reminds you that all the people mentioned remain innocent until proven guilty, proof that will have to be brought to justice if necessary.

Nathanya Sion accuses Magali Berdah of covering up her attack

Reality TV candidate since she was 19, Nathanya admitted on the set of TPMP that these are not healthy environments as those of the filming of such programs. However, she participated in several programs, on W9 and on NRJ12. Again well-known programs from Magali Berdah, the founder and director of Shauna Events, an agency for reality TV candidates. The young woman interviewed on the Bastos YouTube channel had participated in the broadcasts Angels, Moundir and the apprentice adventurers, The Villa of Broken Hearts as well as to Marseilles VS the rest of the world. Also, she had good reason to believe that Magali Berdah would be there to support her if she felt the need. But as she explains at the microphone of Bastos, this was far from the case. “I felt so abandoned, but so alone. »admitted Nathanya.

Unjustified isolation since his attacker was known to Magali Berdah. This was another reality TV contestant. Nathanya was 20 when she met Ilan Castrono. And she therefore claims to have been attacked at her home, in 2019, by this person. To explain how the events unfolded, she does not hesitate to go into detail. Ilan reportedly went to Nathanya’s to have sex with her. She would have refused his advances and the latter did not want to respect her decision. He would then have indulged in solitary pleasure in front of her, despite the young woman’s complaints. Then, it was almost two years later, on December 7, 2021, that Nahtanya filed a complaint against Ilan. And according to the confidences she makes to Bastos, it is partly because of Magali Berdah that she did not go to contact the police earlier.

Serious accusations, the alleged victim frees himself from the weight of silence

Indeed, this May 1st, it is on the YouTube channel of Bastos that Nathanya accuses Magali Berdah of having convinced her to be silent. She will even play voice messages from the director of Shauna Events who invite the reality TV candidate to cover up the affair. “When she says she didn’t know what was going on with Illan, I know that’s not true. I more than confided in her in 2019 and she clearly asked me to shut my mouth. », says the young young woman. And Objeko don’t hide from you that Magali Berdah probably has a lot to worry about since. Because on the recordings it is possible to hear it very clearly.

“There honey, you see, you reveal stuff on social networks, you talk about br * nlette, it’s not pretty for us. Leave him in his sh*t, you don’t need to use words like that on social networks. (…) It’s drunk and it’s not in your image. », can we hear. And for this reality TV candidate, Magali Berdah’s behavior was extremely violent. “The fact of having to justify oneself on something that I denounced: it is the double penalty. »explained Nathanya. “At that time she should have asked me how I was, asked me to come, contacted me, helped me get to the police station. All alone, I did not feel the courage, limit I had the impression that it was my fault.“, she added.

On the Web, Magali Berdah reacted to Nathanya’s remarks. She claims that the messages she was able to send her were taken out of context and that she was always there for the young woman and the other reality TV candidates she represents. At last, Objeko will underline, like many other media, that these are today two complaints which weigh against Ilan Castronovo but also several public testimonies. It’s hard to believe that this whole affair will end there…