Reality TV star Kim Kardashian wants to open a law firm

It took three attempts to become a reality TV star Kim Kardashian (41) passed her first law exam. After overcoming this hurdle, she now has big plans, as she said in an interview with the Vogue Hong Kong betrayed. “I dream of starting a successful law firm one day”.

Her father, Robert Kardashian (d. 2003), laid the foundation for her interest in it OJ Simpson (74) represented in the murder trial of his ex-wife. “Spending time with my dad in his office has definitely influenced me. Doing this work has been in me for years and I’m so proud to actually do it now,” said Kim Kardashian.

It has always been her wish to work in this field. “Looking back at previous interviews of mine where people have asked me what I want to do for a living, I’ve never said I want to do Keeping Up with the Kardahians. I’ve always said I want to work in crime scene investigation or be a lawyer.”

However, she knows that she still has a long way to go. “I’ve been told by top attorneys that this is a near-impossible path and more difficult than the traditional law school path, but it was my only option and it feels soooo good to be here and on the way to my goals to reach.”