Reasons to see “The Inclemency of Love”, the drama that is all the rage on Netflix

“Meteorologists from around the world say that the worst country to observe the weather is this: the Republic of Korea”, thus begins the South Korean series “The inclemencies of love” created by Cha Young-hun, Kang Eun-kyung and Sun Young.

In an office that provides the weather forecast, the funniest situations and the romance of Jin Ha-kyung (played by Park Min-young and Lee Shi-woo (Song Kang), a couple who, despite their differences, find a balance between their personalities to live their romance.

Why is “Las inclemencias del amor” one of the most watched productions on Netflix?

The synopsis of “Las inclemencias del amor” makes the analogy about how unpredictable love is and how difficult it is to predict it like the weather: “In a national meteorology center, love is as difficult to predict as rain or the days sunny days for a meteorologist and her free-spirited colleague.”

The cast includes not only Park Min-young, the leading lady of “Her Private Life,” who is the leader of a team at this center and whose “lukewarm” personality is reluctant to fully surrender her feelings when falling in love.

In the series we can see Song Kang (“Still”), who falls in love with his boss and, although he seems like a clumsy subject, has above average intelligence and is devoted to his work as a meteorologist.

In “The Hardships of Love” you can also enjoy the performances of Yoon Park, who plays the role of Han Ki-joon, and Yura (Chae Yoo-jin), who end up being casually involved by their ex-partners.

If you want to believe in love again and see the complete series, you must be patient, since you have to wait for the chapters to be released each week.

Here we share the trailer in case you want to know a more graphic summary about the plot of the series: