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Last Monday, April 19, the program “Magaly TV: La Firme” broadcast a compromising video of Aldo Miyashiro kissing the reporter Fiorella Retiz, despite being married to the actress Érika Villalobos. In addition, Óscar del Portal was no stranger to controversy because he was also linked to Fiorella Méndez. Given this, his colleagues have spoken and others have preferred not to comment on it, such is the case of Rebeca Escribans.

The host of the América Noticias show block avoided mentioning the case of her companions and continued her program reviewing some news from the show, especially “This is war.” When she seemed like she was going off the air without referring to the case, she left a message that caught everyone’s attention.

And it is that, seconds before cutting off the transmission of her block of shows, Rebeca Escribans took the opportunity to announce a show of “Mujeres sin pito” and left a message for all her followers.

“Well, with me it will be until tomorrow if God willing. Have a nice day, take care of yourselves, think nicely and don’t stick your nose where you’re not called “limited Escribans, who only managed to look seriously at the camera as he left the air.

Rebeca Escribans says goodbye with hint
Rebeca Escribans leaves a suspicious message at the end of the block of shows.

What happened?

Driver Aldo Miyashiro and his former reporter Fiorella Retiz were captured by the cameras of the program “Magaly TV: La Firme” giving each other passionate kisses at the home of sports journalist Óscar del Portal.

The incident occurred during the early hours of April 19, at the home of the sports man located in San Isidro, where they went to celebrate after a game of the “Once Machos FC” team.

The ‘ampay’ of Aldo Miyashiro and Fiorella Retiz occurred after he and Érika Villalobos -his still wife and from whom some estrangement is unknown- returned from a trip through Europe that they made with their children.

But in addition to the actor, Óscar del Portal and Fiorella Méndez have also gained notoriety in this case. Pedro Loli’s ex-partner spent the night at the journalist’s house, whose wife is on vacation in Punta Cana.


Aldo Miyashiro will pronounce on ampay

Aldo Miyashiro will rule on Ampay
Actor will return to host the night program.